Fitbit x FASHION

CLIENT: Fitbit


Fitbit is a market leader in the wearable technology market. With its Fitbit-branded activity trackers, it has built a large following among individuals who wish to measure and analyse personal data to help improve their health and fitness.

Fitbit started out with a strong focus on sporty lifestyles, so the design of its products reflected this. However, this changed with the arrival of Fitbit’s new Alta and Blaze products. While they offer the same powerful tracking and analysis capabilities, these new products are designed to be fashionable accessories combining form and function in a look that would not be out of place at a cocktail party.

Naturally, Fitbit was excited to share its new products with the world and show how they can fit seamlessly into a hip and sophisticated lifestyle. To this end, the company wanted to catch the attention of the fashion media and create a buzz around its new fashion-forward Fitbit devices, but it needed help figuring how to avoid being passed off to the sports and technology media.


No one likes to be pigeonholed, but we could see it from the fashion media’s perspective: why should they pay attention to new products from a maker of sport-focused wearable tech when they’re busy searching for the hottest new fashion trends?

Our insight: it’s easy to doubt a wearable tech company telling you its new products are fashionable, but what if the messenger is a rising star designer?


We translated this insight into a strategy: introduce the new Fitbit products as part of a movement celebrating Hong Kong’s burgeoning local fashion scene, by partnering with passionate up-and-coming designers who believe the future of fashion lies in technology.

Underlying this strategy were three key objectives:

  1. Reposition Fitbit from a fitness-first brand to a lifestyle brand suited to every personality and style
  2. Position the new Fitbit products unapologetically within the fashion sphere
  3. Generate buzz about the new products and coverage in fashion/lifestyle media


We conceptualised a Fitbit x Local Fashion Designers fashion show as the launch event for the Alta and Blaze products.

We identified four emerging Hong Kong designers (Kenax Leung, Sketcharound, Tsang Fan-yu and Derek Chan) and invited them to help us curate the fashion show by thoughtfully pairing a selection of their designs with the new Fitbit products to show how each could complement the other.

The fashion show was held on 21 March 2016 at Light Stage.  During the show, models presented 2–3 looks per designer, each paired with a Fitbit Alta or Blaze.

This was followed by a press conference during which Fitbit Vice President Steve Morley gave a presentation on the Alta and Blaze products, shining the spotlight on how they were bringing Fitbit’s wearable tech capabilities into the stylish world of fashion. He was joined by the four designers, who were given the opportunity to discuss their work and share their fashion philosophy.


The Blaze and Alta Media Event was a huge success.

The event was well attended by Hong Kong’s fashion media, with 53 online and print publications represented. In addition to major fashion publications, we also invited local fashion bloggers and online influencers to reach a broader audience.

The fashion show format featuring hot young designers was a big draw, allowing us to present the new Fitbit Alta and Blaze products to a far larger audience compared to what would have happened had we simply held a press conference.

More importantly, this large and interested audience translated into extensive positive coverage in Hong Kong’s fashion media.