CLIENT: Pacific Place


Faced with the prospect of Hong Kong’s annual summer retail lull, the Pacific Place mall was looking for a way to boost foot traffic during this quiet season. After identifying families as a group more likely to be in the city during the summer, Pacific Place needed a way to target this demographic. Its solution: Nutella, a chocolatey hazelnut spread and popular treat among kids and adults in Hong Kong.

Nutella offers printing of customised labels to create personalised Nutella jars. Pacific Place partnered with Nutella to bring this service to Hong Kong via a pop-up shop.

The initial plan was a promotion in which shoppers who spent a certain amount at the mall would receive a free personalised jar of Nutella. Pacific Place sought our help to leverage Hongkongers’ affinity for Nutella and maximise the buzz around the pop-up store to attract more shoppers.


We loved the idea of personalised jars of Nutella, but we felt this alone might not drive shoppers to the mall. We took a closer look at why we love Nutella in the first place and realised it was nurtured from young: recalling the brand brought back great childhood memories.


Our strategy: use the Nutella brand to encourage people to recall fond memories and celebrate togetherness, while spreading this spirit among family and friends through social sharing.


  1. Raise awareness/participation in the Nutella promotion
  2. Leverage Nutella’s positive brand sentiment to strengthen the connection between Pacific Place and families
  3. Boost foot traffic


Our campaign combined social media and on-site elements.

  1. Microsite and Facebook campaign: We built a microsite for Hongkongers to learn about the campaign and participate in an online UGC game. Given that the Nutella label machine had a limited daily supply, we designed this contest to allow all social fans to participate in the campaign while positioning the personalised Nutella jars as incentives, thereby gamifying the experience. Participants could submit a photo capturing a “Nutella Moment” and a caption with a personal message. Our software would virtually transform that message onto images of Nutella jars. They could then share their photo message via Facebook or Instagram and send to friends as an e-card. Each day, the five best entries were awarded a free personalised jar of Nutella, to be collected from the pop-up shop.
  2. Touch-screen game: We created an interactive whack-a-mole game with images of Nutella jars popping up on a touch screen. The highest daily scores won a personalised jar of Nutella. This game was set up at the mall to boost campaign interest and increase foot traffic.


The campaign was massive hit and exceeded our client’s expectations in terms of awareness, participation and increased foot traffic. The following is a snapshot of the impact of our campaign:

  • Shoppers lined up for over two hours to purchase their Nutella jars
  • 1000 jars of Nutella sold per day from the popup during the promotion period
  • 17,000 jars of Nutella sold in total at the popup during the promotion period
  • 4790 logged-in sessions on the mini-site
  • 1274 participants in the Nutella Moment photo contest on the campaign microsite
  • 423 participants in the Nutella Touch Screen game

The Nutella x Pacific Place campaign was the talk of the town in Hong Kong all through August, with massive coverage in the media, including a Bloomberg article that even cites the Nutella promotion as a sign that popup stores are a rising trend in Hong Kong.

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