Relationship Index


Situation analysis

Few things matter more in life than our closest relationships. To get to the heart of things, we spoke with thousands across Asia and what we learned changed everything. 

Across Asia, 57% of us tell our partners ‘I Love You’ every week, 37% of us worry our partners prefer their phones over being intimate, 31% of us squabble on a weekly basis and 1 in 5 of us consider breaking up…every week. 

Relationships are important, but how many of us pay attention to them? Led by the insight that good relationships mean a healthy, happy, longer life, and that we all want to protect and provide for our loved ones, we conceived of a campaign to establish Prudential as the relationship thought-leader in the minds of consumers across the region.

What started out as a regional survey of 5,000 participants evolved into an Asia-wide campaign featuring 9 Prudential Relationship Index platforms adapted into various local languages – spanning markets as diverse as Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Hong Kong, The Philippines, Thailand, Singapore and Vietnam.

Result? The campaign was a huge success with 234K microsite visits, 73K Facebook Live attendees (Singapore), 30K Facebook relationship quizzes completed and widespread media and social media coverage.


  • Gain a deep understanding of personal relationships in Asia, developing quantitative metrics for scoring them and focusing on the variation across markets.
  • Adapt to the needs and realities of each individual market in Asia while maintaining strong and consistent branding for Prudential Asia across the region.
  • Encourage active engagement with the topic of relationships within each market’s local population, generating two-way dialogue rather than one-way marketing communications.
  • Become the brand that comes to consumers’ minds when talking about insurance


  • Become the leaders of relationships: In-depth research on relationships in Asia as a vehicle for positioning Prudential Asia as a thought leader in this field
  • Provide actionable and credible content: Conducted research with one of the biggest and best Research companies across 9 markets
  • Generate campaign engagement with relevant content: Valuable opportunities for Prudential Asia to engage in discussions with existing and prospective customers and other key stakeholders by shifting the conversation from products to people.

Evaluation of success / measurement

The results speak for themselves. Throughout 10 different countries in Asia, we received 45 million total campaign impressions, 200,000 microsite visits, and over 3 million video views, leading to a huge 51% awareness of the campaign, and a 20% increase in consumers’ willingness to meet a Prudential agent. Other results include: 52M total impressions, 4M film views, 234K microsite visits, 73K Facebook Live attendees (Singapore), 30K Facebook relationship quizzes completed and widespread media and social media coverage.