Situation analysis

Hong Kong is home to one of the most competitive property markets in the world and while developers in the city are making handsome profits, their communication efforts are lacking. Noticing an absence of innovative ways for customers to experience their properties, Sino Group saw opportunity to utilise an undeveloped new technology with their 285-unit Park Mediterranean development: 360° VR video. While competitors had 360° interior photos to show their properties, SINO realized two key facts:

1) Customers also ­want to know about the area around the property as well
2) Audiences are much likelier to remember facts if they are presented in a movie

In the past, SINO focused on more traditional forms of communication: ATL ads, brochures, videos and 360° photos. They realized that customers wanted more—they truly wanted to feel what it’s like living in Sai Kung. The solution was simple: provide customers a way to truly experience Sai Kung with 360° VR movies and draw them into a story that didn’t show, but instead told the story of what living at the Park Mediterranean and the surrounding areas means, and the benefits buyers would experience.


  • Create a unique experience to showcase the Park Mediterranean site in Sai Kung in a way that has never been done before
  • Establish Sino Group as a leader in customer communication that understands customers’ intents and utilizes new technology to fulfil these needs
  • Increase interest in the development by showcasing the area around Sai Kung as prime real estate investment
  • Connect with customers emotionally to generate leads to speak with a property agent


Other developers might have danced around using VR stills to showcase new properties, but their content had been static. So the real challenge is how to promote a property in a unique experiential fashion that doesn’t just involve a 360-tour of the interior.

  • Create a localized experience that audiences can’t get from viewing a brochure or webpage
  • Bring the neighbourhood to buyers in a completely immersive experience to show people what they’re really missing
  • Show a real glimpse into what a life of luxury is really like for residents in Sai Kung.

Evaluation of success / measurement

VR@SaiKung was a hit from the moment it launched, garnering significant media interest with a press conference and drawing huge numbers of prospective property buyers.

During the 4-week campaign period, there were more than 10,000 visits to the roadshow, or an average of more than 300 people per day. This provided an enormous boost in awareness of and interest in the Park Mediterranean project, happily exceeding Sino Group’s expectations.

With thousands of people experiencing a taste of Sai Kung via our immersive VR experience, it’s no surprise that this translated into a spike in real-life visits to the Park Mediterranean site and sales office in Sai Kung. Sino Group reported a 500% increase in enquiries during this period.

This project represents ground-breaking use of 360 video by a property developer in Hong Kong. For us, this also marked a first as we created a compelling and artistic narrative for our client using the 360° video format, overcoming major technical challenges along the way. It was a trail-blazing effort that exceeded Sino Group’s expectations, leaving them more than pleased and us, understandably proud.