Hail to the Pink Dollar (Daylight launches LGBT practice)

Today we celebrate the addition of a new client, The Society for AIDS Care, an NGO that delivers after-care to HIV positive patients and people living with AIDS.

Daylight’s association with the LGBT community has been long and abiding, beginning with our team that’s itself diverse, and intolerant of intolerance. We were the official social media agency for Pink Dot Hong Kong 2015, a massive outdoor event that brought together over 15,000 LGBT people and their friends to Hong Kong’s Tamar Park for a day of music, games, food and drinks.

In fact, since our founding we’ve always ensured our client campaigns never ignore this very important demographic, even when a client brief is not explicit on it.

That’s why in early 2016¬†we stealthily formed our LGBT practice, Daylight PP (for Pink Power), a team of marketing professionals dedicated to bridging the gap between brands and the LGBT community at large. LGBT consumers have been an underserved demographic in Asia, but the tide is turning. While studies have shown that in Hong Kong there isn’t a substantial difference between what gays earn and what everyone else earns, the difference lies in where they choose to spend. LGBT consumers typically spend 25% more than other consumer groups on non-essential expenditures, like dining out or shopping. When on vacation, gays tend to spend more as well.

More importantly, LGBT people are understandably ultra-sensitive to discrimination. Overwhelmingly, if perceived to be discriminated against by a brand, gays would distrust the brand, avoid purchase of their products/services, and promote the same attitude to friends. That is a brand communication minefield where an experienced guiding hand is essential.

LGBT people also tend to care about brands that speak to them positively as a community. They tend to support brands that celebrate diversity and create LGBT-friendly products and services. How to speak to this community, however, is an art that relies on in equal parts Authenticity, Sincerity, and Sensitivity.

Over 80% of LGBT people said that they would “try a product or service by a brand if it deliberately targeted the gay community.” That’s what Daylight PP is here for, and our win today is just the start.



Source: Community Business LGBT Climate Study