Wrangling Facebook content marketing

Facebook has incredibly high penetration across most parts of Asia, so wrestling with this beast is a fact of life for digital marketers. But their dominant market position also means they don’t always have to listen to you, as any marketer who has opened a customer service ticket with them will know.

Here are some common questions about working with Facebook, and how you can make them work for you.

Understand how Facebook works. This is a massive platform that is tweaked daily, with reams of data in their Insights module that tells you everything you need to know about how your fans interact with your page. Engagement is measured not just by social actions (Likes, Comments, Shares) but by how long they view your post, how long it takes them away from Facebook, and so on.  Video engagement is measured arbitrarily, learn how Facebook defines it. Learn how to interpret the data, and you will have answers to all the common questions you as a marketer need to ask, such as Who is my audience? When is the best time to reach them? What kind of content do they like/dislike? Where are they located?

Accept that you have to pay for exposure. Marketers often forget that Facebook doesn’t work for you. They are not here to help you sell, they are here to benefit from the eyeballs that the Facebook experience delivers, so they can sell ads. For brands, Facebook offers a variety of advertising tools that increase your reach, but at the end of the day, if your content is uninspiring or overly self-serving, no amount of post boosting is going to help you. Therefore…

There’s only one best way to increase Reach. Make better content. It’s that simple. Sometimes I tell people our agency is not really a social agency, we are a content publisher. Want better SEO? Create better content. Want more eyeballs on Facebook? Create compelling content. Want more engagement? Create content that consumers want to share. Hire people that understand how to deliver clickworthy (not clickbait) content. Hire ex-journalists that know how to tell a story. Forget about gaming Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm, instead focus on making content that your audience wants to share, like and comment on. Reach and engagement will take care of themselves. (Mostly, but you still got to pay for advertising, unfortunately, because they have to keep NASDAQ:FB up there!)


Photo credit: Brian Taylor for AdWeek