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Dah Sing Bank

時與刻 觸手可得
Rebranding Campaign: Every Moment within Reach

We partnered with Dah Sing Bank for a full-scale revamp of the bank’s image, bringing out a fresher, more energetic side of the brand to connect with the younger digital audience.


A new narrative for the bank’s tech enhancements, as well as upgrades to digital touchpoints to imbue a consistently modern experience with the bank. RFI held a workshop to bring new marketing insights to the in-house marketing teams, unearthed authentic USPs and built the digital strategy around the newly devised corporate ethos and brand platform. RFI also launched a full-funnel advertising campaign to jump-start the brand refresh.


The rebranding campaign has made great impact on the imagery, awareness, and consideration of the brand. The public now sees the bank in a new modernized light, as the brand continues to anchor as Hong Konger’s local bank.

According to brand health study:

  • Brand recall: 83%
  • Liveability: 91%
  • Surge in search: 376%
  • Accumulated video views: 3.1M+
  • Social media engagement: 160k