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SONAR is a fully immersive, interactive crisis simulation training experience that prepares companies large and small to mitigate the impact of negative events.

SONAR - Crisis Management Training
Crisis Management Training
  • Remote-ready classroom-style workshop
  • Understanding media landscape in North America, Asia Pacific, and Europe
  • Overview of challenges and trends in risk management and how brands are affected
Media Training
  • Communication skills to respond to media
  • How to craft compelling messages that will tell your story and resonate with reporters
  • Guide for preparing for a media interview, with proven techniques for succeeding in media interviews
SONAR - Media Training
SONAR - Multi-Language, Multi-Channel, Interactive Sonar Platform
Multi-Language, Multi-Channel, Interactive Sonar Platform
  • Realistic SONAR platform is very well-suited for remote and virtual training, with no compromises
  • Real-time scrollable display of incoming messages from the general public and key stakeholders
  • Simulated public stakeholders and influencers respond directly to new input by trainees
  • Post-training survey reveals an average satisfaction score of 9.7 out of 10