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Marriott International

Social Campaign: Day of Discovery

A sense of discovery will always be a source of inspiration, whether we seek to. try something new, explore our greater interests, or just get away from it all for some much-appreciated rest and relaxation in these unprecedented times. Let discovery light a new fire of wonder in all of us.

While COVID 19’s effect on society has begun to peter out as early as 2021, the world continued to be isolated and travelers largely hesitant in dusting off the luggage bags. Marriott wanted to bring the thrill of discovery back to the hearts of the wary, and reignite the passion for travelling.


Working closely with Marriott, RFI created a virtual tour through Thailand’s luxurious offers: from a curated list of tourist destinations to personalized Marriott services, social media users can experience Thailand from the comfort of their devices. Accompanying social content rolled out on both the brand’s and partnering influencers’ channels to promote the campaign and earn further exposure.


The campaign was a resounding success, with over one million potential travelers reached and the love of travelling rekindled.

  • Total reach: 1.5M+
  • Engagement rate: 3.51%
  • video views: 460K+
  • giveaway entries: 149