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Quality Healthcare

Brand Strategy & Design

Quality HealthCare (QHMS) is a medical network subsidiary of Bupa, a well-known health insurance provider. RFI was tasked to architect a modern brand image for the leader of the industry.


RFI commenced deep-dive research and stakeholder interviews to craft the brand strategy, accompanied with a visual identity system to effectively differentiate Quality HealthCare from their competitors. With over a hundred iterations of the new logo, RFI made certain that Quality HealthCare’s strengths and core values are demonstrated, all while maintaining a strong visual link with Bupa.


Quality HealthCare’s new brand strategy was successfully launched in April 2022, along with the new brand identity applied across all their branches and online media. QHMS sees higher public recognition and redefined brand values, establishing the brand as the major player in the healthcare sector in Hong Kong.

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