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The Macallan

Product Launch: The Harmony Collection

The Macallan was set to launch a new collection in their travel-exclusive range, but RFI spotted that an offline-to-online strategy was absent. Without one, the customer journey would be fragmented, isolating the travel retail audience to only the in-store activations. It would also be a missed opportunity for data collection that could lead to better understanding of customer behavior and campaign performance.


The campaign was centered around creating an offline-to-online journey for customers, using an Augmented Reality (AR) experience to engage users and bring them onto The Macallan’s digital channels. Through the AR experience, users were driven to a mini-site where the product story was shared. Inversely, to bring online users to the in-store activation, a global integrated marketing plan was developed across organic, paid and third party channels, reaching users at different stages of the customer journey.


The Macallan Global Travel Retail successfully ran a global product launch. With a comprehensive O2O strategy, the campaign improved the seamlessness of the customer journey, provided more engaging content about The Macallan brand, and collected data from new and existing customers to connect better with them in the future.

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