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27 May, 2024

Navigating AI Adoption by Brands: People and Business Come First

AI isn’t just a trendy term; it’s a game-changer for brands looking to thrive in today’s market. By automating routine tasks, offering data-driven insights, and personalizing customer experiences, AI can significantly boost efficiency and innovation, giving you a competitive edge. But before diving into AI, it’s crucial to check if your business is ready. The real focus should be on your brand’s people and business needs.

Business Needs

AI should not be implemented for its own sake; it should address specific business needs and pain points. Conduct a thorough analysis of your operations to identify areas where AI can make a meaningful impact. This might include automating mundane tasks, enhancing creativity through data-driven brainstorming, or streamlining complex processes.

People’s Mindset

The first step towards AI adoption is fostering the right mindset among your employees. AI can often be perceived as a threat to job security or as a complex, intimidating technology. To address these concerns, it’s essential to invest in education and training. Organize workshops, seminars, and online courses to demystify AI and highlight its benefits. Encourage continuous learning and provide resources to help your team stay updated with the latest AI trends and technologies.

Ethical Considerations

As some brands are likely to adopt off-the-shelf AI tools, it’s crucial to emphasize transparency and self-responsibility regarding AI-generated content and assets. Employees need to understand how AI systems make decisions and the potential biases they may introduce. Establishing clear guidelines for the use of AI tools ensures that AI-generated content aligns with your brand values and ethical standards. Additionally, train your team to critically assess AI-generated content and take ownership of the final outputs to ensure they meet the quality standards of the brand.

At RFI, we make sure our team and clients are well-prepared to leverage AI effectively. Internally, we designated AI Champions in each Ruder Finn Asia office who lead the way in using AI tools and technologies. Our AI Champions receive thorough training on various topics, including prompt engineering, ethical considerations, and business applications. These AI Champions are then tasked to promote AI adoption, educate colleagues on AI benefits, and provide practical applications for daily tasks in their local offices. They also collect feedback on the current use of AI and share it among different offices, fostering continuous improvement across the entire company.

We have successfully implemented AI-forward marketing campaigns for our clients, such as the LKF Savoring Art campaign which can be experienced here. We are also in demand among Hong Kong and regional clients for conducting AI training sessions and workshops. These sessions provide an overview of AI technologies, demonstrate potential applications, and explore strategic advantages, empowering clients to begin their AI journey with confidence.